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I have no clue what compelled me last night to think that I could casually drive a motorcycle, but whatever it was must’ve been a demonic force. I wanted to flaunt my dad‘s new motorcycle to the cool kids down the block and I heard that they were having a block party so I had the grand thought Of driving it down the block. At first I went to just inspect the motorcycle and to see if I could even accomplish the random thought I had. It looks pretty simple, kind of like a bike! As I mounted the motorcycle it felt just like a heavier shinier version on my bike. Granted I’m not the best at riding a bike, but I know the general idea of how to do it. I figured since the kids down the block were only around six House is down and it was all downhill I wouldn’t even have to start it. As I rolled up the garage door and carefully rolled the motorcycle out I thought I had the hang of it. About 30 seconds later this proved to be extremely false.

As I picture the motorcycle sitting in the garage with the kickstand holding it barely upright I hear the garage door start slowly rolled open. With each creek and crack it sent through the house I was prepared to hear a loud, deep, holler come from my dad’s mouth. This is where I get grounded for life… “WHAT ON GOD EARTH HAPPENED HERE??”