“My dad is going to ground me for life!”

“That is the least of our problems right now! How are we even going to get home?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know where we are! Is it the desert?”

I look around and squint just to get hit in the eyes by the amber setting sun. “Yeah it looks like the desert.”

“We never should’ve test driven this car. Then to make it worse why a corvette?”

“Well if we didn’t get out of there we would have been driving into a very angry dealership where cops definitely would’ve been waiting.”

I sat down to think about everything we did.

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“Hey, dude what if we went to that corvette dealership.”

“Why would we do that? We obviously don’t have the money for any corvette. I would be lucky if I could afford a corvette side mirror.”

“We don’t need to be able to afford a corvette, we just need to look the part.”

“Old men?”

“No, we just need to get suits.”

We went home and within the hour met back up at Marks house. I got in his creaky Honda Civic. As Mark was running up to the car in his suit I was rocking the civic from the inside to get it to creak.

“Man cut that out we can’t have this thing breaking. I don’t have the money to fix this pile of junk.”

As we drove to the corvette dealership we looked at each other and questioned if this is a good idea. As fate had it though Doug is another loser like us, but hasn’t realized it yet.

“Hey what you losers doing driving around in that rust bucket?” Says Doug. I look at Mark with an ashamed look knowing his car is no better than a bucket of rust.

After seeing Mark I had to say something, “Says you Doug you don’t even have a license. Also we are on our way to the corvette dealership to pick up a car. Before we leave though just so it doesn’t surprise you when you find out your mom is dumber than a box of rocks.” As I finish talking Mark starts driving away, and looks at me confused.

“A box of rocks? What does that even mean?”

“Don’t worry about it man let’s just drive that car.”

We arrive at the dealership and set our eyes on the big red corvette sitting on a podium in front of the main doors. As the vultures for profit the dealers are within seconds we had a dealer trying to sell us this car.

“So you boys are looking for a way to get rid of that money burning a hole in your pocket?”

“Definitely sir so much money! Maybe we’ll take two!” I look at Mark then back to the dealer.

“I think it’ll be one not two.”

“So boys how would you like to drive this car around the block, and try to tell me you don’t love it.”

“Sounds great! Let’s get driving.”

The dealer and Mark swap keys. His eyes light up and he runs to the car. I walk around the car to get in the big red car. Mark turns the key, and we feel the car vibrator and roar, and we start rolling.

“Mark lets not go too fast ok? At least out of sight of the dealer.”

“Alright I’ll try not to.” I wouldn’t have asked if Mark wasn’t obviously tempted to speed out of the dealership. As soon as we were out of sight Mark turned down Doug’s road, and took off and hit one hundred miles per hour before he slammed on the brakes to land perfectly in front of Doug’s house. Doug, still in his little fold up chair on the lawn locked eyes with us. We stop.

“You two are going to regret doing that.”

“Why is that Doug?”

“Cause my mom might be dumb, but you’re dumber!” As he said that Mark’s dad came out of the house. We knew what happened, and Doug’s mom called Mark’s dad to tell him what we were doing.

Mark and his dad locked eyes, and then Mark turned to look at me. Mark’s dad was standing a couple feet away from the car when Mark took off and the car’s speed pushed me into the back of the seat. We start driving and Mark and I don’t share a single word the entire time just look ahead.

*Back to the present*

We look down the now dark road that was now being illuminated by red and blue lights making the quiet desert the most popular destination in the state. Mark and I look at each other and Mark says, “My dad is going to ground me for life!”