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I sit on the couch in my living room, tucked underneath a soft beige blanket. My legs are furiously shaking up and down as if I drank two shots of espresso. I notice myself surrounded by two teenage girls, Luna and Hazel, and my best friend Quinn; I quickly realize the rising passion in the room for an overnight escape and adventure.

“Adam, you’re gonna be fine! Your father will never find out,” Quinn replies.

“There’s really nothing to worry about,” Hazel remarks.

“You don’t know that! What if…” I stumble.

“Let’s be real Adam, why would your dad track your location at 2 in the morning? Mike is going to be asleep anyways. I told my father that I’m staying at your house for the night, and you told Mike that you were gonna stay at mine. Our parents don’t even have each other’s contact info. I’m telling you, they will never find out,” Quinn notes.

Sighing, I realize that I have no choice. I will somehow have to manage how to steal my dad’s car for the night. I would take my Ford Fiesta, but everybody knows the Subaru Forester is more desirable because of the impeccable leg room; I feel obligated to cater to my friends. Growing up and practically living with Quinn, I understand that when he wants something, he wants something! Collecting a bundle of blankets, pillows, and snacks from the Circle K just up the street, I snatch my dad’s key and speed over to I-95. We are on our way!

“Who wants to aux?!” I scream. With my teeth clenched and my hands firm against the wheel, I try to please Quinn and my other friends by allowing them to choose what music they want. I don’t want to be a debbie-downer, so I forcefully move my head to the beat of the rhythm, up and down, up and down.

“OMG, I love this song!” Hazel and Luna yell. The beats of our indie/alternative music calm the palpitations of my heart. With a smile appearing on my face, I exit Hamden and Winterport as I dart towards the coveted Maine ocean town: Belfast!


As I drive onto the Belfast bridge, used to being landlocked in Central Maine, I stare at the gleaming water that reflects the creamy pale light of the moon. I park atop the bridge since nobody else is out. With Quinn by my side and Hazel and Luna in the back, I peer out into the Belfast Bay and almost rid myself entirely of the anxiety that grips and suffocates my body. Realistically, I understand that I will never get away with this. My dad is surely going to find out, but something about this night strikes my soul. If I am being sincere, the punishment awaiting me at home means nothing; the convincing from Quinn, Luna, and Hazel resonates and slips under the thick layer of my skin. The serenity of the Belfast sky and the company of Quinn and my friends soothes the constant jitters that pulse throughout my tall, yet limber, body. Atop this Belfast bridge, looking at the ocean, I finally feel unlocked and free.