Wensday, Febuary 18 2018
Around 11:15 in the morning

My dad is going to ground me for life! I don’t know what to do! I think I need to start from the begining. Oh god, please don’t be mad.

To start off my diary entry, I might have hit a kid. But he was anoying me! Justin, the kid in the other 5th grade class, he kept tuching my hair, getting it in my face, and just being rude. He kept calling me names and I told him to stop. I even told the teacher, but she said he was flerting with me! So, I sort of turned arond and punched him in the nose.

Everyone just stopped talking, and the teacher looked… not scared, but suprized maybe? I was suprised too. I didn’t think I would ever hit anyone. I just sat and watched blood start to drip from his nose, and I thought I was going to be sick. It was so crooked too. He deserved it though. The teacher ran over and pulled him away and yelled at me to go to the office.

Anyways, I got to the office and that’s where I’m riting this. I’m just sitting here waiting to talk to the principle. I just know she’s going to call my dad, and he’s going to ground me! I just know it.

Febuary 18 2018
Around 12:00

Im in the car now and I think I got suspended for a few days and my dad is quiet. He hasn’t said a word, and I’m woried. I made him upset, and I feel bad. I realy wish I hadn’t done that. I think he’s waiting until mom get’s home to ground me. I feel awefull.

Febuary 18 2018
4:48 in the afternoon

Im in my room now. Mom got home and we talked about why I hit Justin, and she didn’t seem to mad, but dad was still quiet. I did get suspended for a few days, but mom said she would call the school, so that’s a good thing? Im realy not sure. I think Im still going to get grounded for a couple weeks, but I think that my mom understood why I hit him.

Dad also just came in and talked to me. He hugged me when I was sitting on my bed and we talked more about why I hit Justin. I was a little confused when he said he was proud of me for standing up for miself, though he also said I shouldn’t hit anyone agan. Thankfuly, my parents let me keep my diary to rite in, so I shouldn’t be as lonely for the next few days. I love them both so much.


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