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Journal Entry #8

You did that for her? Well of course I would. She’s my best friend! We were at a Fourth of July party and all swimming and were about to eat some amazing burgers and hotdogs grilled by Laura’s dad. We had the whole evening planned out! We were all so excited for the fireworks that were going to be launched later and we had almost the whole senior grade there. But let me get back on the topic. We had just gotten out of the water and we were all walking up to Laura’s camp. Our grade was already full of lots of drama and everybody there, so I was expecting for something to stir up or to happen. I was walking up with my best friend Kate and my boyfriend Tim. We were all laughing and having a great time and talking to some other people on the way up from the water. Kate quickly pulled me aside and told me that she had some news to tell me. She told me that Laura was planning to spill some of Kate’s secrets if I didn’t get a guy that she was interested in to start talking to her. This seems so stupid of Laura to threaten to spill Kates secrets if I didn’t do something for her. Laura was pretty controversial and her and Kate go way back, so whatever Laura is threatening to spill is pretty serious. I immediately went to talk to Laura about why she was doing this but before I could get there Laura came up to me. She started talking smack about Tim and Kate out of nowhere, I was so confused. I decided to just slap her in the face. I had to do it, Kate is my best friend, and I didnt want Laura to do anything stupid so I just decided to slap her! Laura was so embarrassed that she ran into her camp and everybody was laughing at the whole situation. Laura is crazy anyways. Welp, The rest of the night was extremely awkward and the fireworks were lame anyways. Laura didn’t want to tell her dad because her dad totally would’ve sided with me and everybody else in the grade. Tim was extremely proud of me and Kate gave me tons of hugs. I felt really good about myself and now I sit here on my bed running in the stupid journal that my anger management therapist gave to me. Well write in you tomorrow journal. Good night!