“If we were in a movie… but we’re not.” I look around in the empty room. White walls, white roof, and no lights. Even though there were no lights the room was lit. “Hello?” The echo bounces around the room till barely audible. I’ve lost track of how long I have been in this room, and doubt that I ever wasn’t in this room. I walk across the small white room, and look for a way out. I feel the smooth white painted walls, and lay on the ground to listen to the floor. Laying there I get tired, and fall asleep. I wake up on the floor again. Cold metallic floor makes me sit up. My eyes adjust to the bright white room. “A button? A red button.” I walk to the red button. I feel around the button on the wall. It’s the same as it’s always been, but this button is new. “Should I push it? I mean like could anything be a step down from this?” I hit the button. Nothing happens for a minute, “Ha”. I chuckle to myself, and sit on the floor again. A donut fell out of the ceiling. I sit on the cold floor, and stare at the donut. “A donut? Really? I wonder what else will come out.” I go over and hit the button again. A scorpion comes out. I quickly rush over and crush the scorpion with my foot. “Maybe this button isn’t a good idea, but I have nothing better to do.” I hit the button again. Nothing happens for a few minutes. I hit the button again, and a donut comes out of the roof immediately. “Why did nothing happen the last time?” I sit onto the floor again. The wall across from me is black now. “When did that happen?” I move into a corner. The wall I was leaning on turns black. “What is happening?” I feel my heart racing, and the room gets significantly colder. I look down and the floor is black too. “Should I hit the button again? What should I do?” I look toward the button but it has vanished, and the only wall not black now is the one I’m leaning on. The light is gone, and the room goes completely black. Knock. Knock. I feel the knocks on the wall behind me. The vibration sends chills down my spine. “Hello?” No one responds for a minute then, “Hello there.”