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“One moment Alex.” Dave slowly moved the phone from his ear and pulled it in front of his face. While staring dumbfounded at it, he could hear the faint murmur of Alex through the speaker. No words could be interpreted from this sound, but judging off of the pitch, a bunch of high-energy questions was spewing out of his mouth.

Dave hung up.

Leaving the landline on the side of the wall, he began to slowly make his way to the other room where a chair would be in the nearby vicinity. Before he could elevate his feet, and even mind, the phone began to ring for the second time that late morning. I’m too old for this.

Dave’s heart said, “let the phone ring out,” but those sharp rings gave him a headache, so back to the landline he went. “Alex,” he said, “ what it is”

“Dad I don’t understand why you are so aggravated….. they said I won 1 million dollars! Do you get what this means? We’re going to be rich dad, we are going to be rich!” His voice squeaked at the end of that sentence.

“And you gave them…” Alex cut him off, “Just the numbers on the cards we share like I said before.”

Dave let out a sigh not audible on Alex’s end, and took a big inhale afterward, parting his mouth as if he was going to speak, but no words came. The only sound he made was tapping of his worn-down hiking boots he had yet to take off in the morning. The silence was beginning to become awkward, and since Dave pays for these calls, he decided to cut to the chase.

“Son” he pauses, eyes pinched shut now, “Has anyone ever told you about scammers?”