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“But why not mom?” I whined, “He is so cute!”

“You heard me, no dog,” My mother replies with her words stretched out.

“Okay..” I mumbled. I move my phone away from my ear and hit the red button, beep. I make my way down the street with the light glimmering in my path. One foot after the other as I trotted along the sidewalk. As I make my way down the lights seem to be getting dimmer and dimmer. Suddenly darkness hits my face or I should say a brick wall. I peered around the corner to see a dark, small shadow.

I creep up closer towards the small figure. The shadow gets smaller as it prances away. I pick up my pace as I follow this mysterious force. Left and right, cutting corners with twist and turns. Whatever this thing is, it has speed. My lungs started to burn, heart pumping as my limbs grow sore. This shadow has speed but why can’t I see what it is.

Finally the corner makes an appearance keeping the shadow at bay. I encouraged myself to look and there it was. I gasped, the glorious black coat of fur. Those beautiful golden eyes that glow in the night. It made a startled hiss as it glared at me with an evil look. My eyes soften at the cat. I slowly bring my hand to the feline as it swatted at me. A bit of crimson trickled down from the opening of the scratch.

As a person who loves animals I usually have something on handy. I pull out a cat treat out of my pocket. Strays are quite common when I’m from. I slowly move my hand, now with the treat, to the cat in distress. ItI look sorrowfully at the happy feline, finally comfortable with me. I gave it a few strokes on the back and stand up. The cat admits a curious meow as I loom down at it. growled as I got near and it took the treat with a nip to my fingers. Once it had it I pulled my hand back.

“Mom probably also meant no cats either.” I muttered to the golden eyed feline. I look away for a second to feel something rubbing against my knee. I look at the black, fluffy thing as is enjoys marking it’s scent on me. Suddenly I felt my phone rumble. I pulled it out of my pocket and read ‘Time to come home’.

I look sorrowfully at the happy feline, finally comfortable with me. I gave it a few strokes on the back and stand up. The cat admits a curious meow as I loom down at it.

“Sorry, I gotta go kitty kitty.” I mumble. I turn on my heal and made my way to my home. I shuffled along the dim sidewalk. After a sorrowful of leaving that poor cat behind I made it back. I twist the doorknob and make my way in when something black rushed past me. I close the door abruptly, looking around my area. Out of the blue my mom laughs. I walk to the living room. “What is it mo-” I was cut off by my sudden shock.

It was the same cat as before. My mom takes a bit of a chuckle before speaking, “Seems you already knew your gift.” I still look at her in dead shock. She takes another snicker, “He ran away before you got home so I was a bit nervous but seems he knew how to find his way back.”

‘So, he is my cat?” I questioned, not daring to get too hopeful.

“Yes hun, that’s your cat now,” she said, “Thank you for listening to my request.”

Now, I lay in bed with my Menace. Yes, that’s his name. He is evil but he is my cat, I will treasure him till death do us part.