So cute… but don’t come home with another dog! She said,
As I was scrolling through the sixteenth dog today I wanted to bring home.
The house was already filled with them,
It seems that I have to pet them always.

It all started when I bought a house.
As soon as I moved in, the space felt lonely and empty.
So I went online and went searching for a dog.
I discovered an app that brings dogs that are in need of a home into light.
And as soon as I saw them, I knew I needed to help.

Taking care of animals has always been something I cared about,
Especially dogs, it’s man’s best friend.
But at a certain point, it became an addiction,
Going on my phone,
Finding a dog,
And bring it home.

But there became a problem,
Small at first, but space,
Something that is not thought of too much,
Became a problem.

There is one thing about me,
I have a hard time letting go of things,
And dogs are one of them.
I’m always nervous about what is going to happen next.
I don’t want them to have a bad home.
So I keep them.

But she told me it was time,
To break away from that,
That they will be okay,
And she promised that.

It made me crack a smile,
Because it made me think about how many dogs’ lives I had saved.
Maybe she was right.

I’m happy I made a difference in their lives,
But it’s going to be something I’m going to struggle with.
But now, I know what is right,
And it’ll be better now.