“Maybe I’ll just destroy them and never do it again.”“My love, I promise you it’s not that bad.”
I look down at my art, a mess of orange and greens.
She also gazes down, a smile plastering her face as she takes in the painting.
A small tropical canvas she bought for me with the words “Take it Easy”.
Even though there are lines, I can never stay within them.
There’s either too much paint on my brush or my hand shakes beyond the black line.
The gradient from orange to yellow is choppy and harsh, a line in the middle of “it”.
The leaves of the palm tree are wavy and discolored, like they’re dancing in the wind.
The stem of the leaf is the same color of the frond with no black to darken the green.
From afar it may resemble a smear of green across the canvas.
“It’s very you.”
And suddenly it’s beautiful.