“Maybe I just destroy them and never do it again.”

“Jackson? You are quitting cheesecake? Strawberry jam Cheesecake? Coffee Cheesecake? Your favorite Peach swirl cheesecake? And even the Plain New York style cheesecake?”

“Cheesecake! The only contraband that is outlawed in all 195 countries of the world. Although I have smuggled them for a living for the past 20 years, I want to be a law-abiding citizen now.”

“I know, but don’t you like to eat cheesecake?”

“Cheesecake! Have one bite, and you’ll eat one piece. Eat one piece, and you’ll devour one tray. Have one tray……. ‘Like to eat’ is an understatement. However, there is more to life than cheesecake.”

“Yes, that is true also. Well, how long do you think you can last without eating any cheesecake for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, or midnight snack?”

“Forever! No more cheesecake for life!”

“Well, I wonder how that will turn out. Hey, I make cheesecake for a living. Have you thought about me? If you stop selling and consuming my products, what should I do to feed the family now?”

“Worry not! I got this new business we can try out.”

“Intriguing. What is it?”

“That French bread called Cross ant or something!”

“Oh no. Why though?”

“It’s non addictive and legal!”

“No thanks. I will stick to making cheesecake.”
“Too late! Remember what I said? I already went into your bakery and destroyed all of your cheesecake and ingredients.”
“Ha, very funny.”


Wendy has finally realized something.

“Why, Jack? Why did you do that? Did you know I’m deeply in debt? Did you know about my gambling issues? Did you know that the stock market had just crashed and I lost all my money? Did you know my mom just got diagnosed with leukemia? Did you know several loan sharks broke into my house yesterday and still haven’t left? They are literally living in my house with my sick mother, Jack! I’m ruined!” Wendy starts to cry.

“And and and when I’m desperate, basically my everyday life now, at least I could eat some chocolate swirl cheesecake and forget it all. Now what? Now what!” Wendy collapses and buries her head into her knees.

“Life is more than just trays and trays of cheesecakes, Wendy.” Jack sits down alongside her. “Here, give it a try.” He pulls out a mini cross ant from his lunch box.

“Hmhmhmhmhm.” Wendy grabs the bread and eats it.

“What do you think?” Jack smiles at Wendy.

“Eh, definitely not as good as cheesecake. But it’ll do.”

“Wendy, I know what you think about me quitting cake. Yes, I’m the biggest junky anyone’s seen, and you know that as my supplier. Here’s something you don’t know: ever since 3 month ago, I’ve been controlling myself to have less and less cakes each day. Although the cravings and headaches were unimaginable, I did it. I’ve been clean for a full week now.”


“I love you, Wendy, but I can’t make us a good future without cutting loose the delicious tyrant that rules over our lives. I did it, and you can too. I’ve used my cheesecake profit to order some ingredients for you to make that cross ant or whatever it’s called, they should arrive around this week. Promise me you will try?”

“Yes, Yes Jackson. This is the best day of my life. Let’s leave everything behind and go!”

Jackson and Wendy left their old lives and everything that was in it: debt, sick mother, cheesecake… Those are none of their concerns anymore. They moved to West Africa, where Wendy stopped gambling and built a new bakery from scratch. Jackson stopped selling drugs, and made a small fortune by doing some other shady business with the local gang. They lived a decent life without drug addiction.