Maybe I’ll just destroy them and never do it again.
The one I love can never be mine,
Not with their partner by their side.
But I can’t escape these growing emotions.

Love is a concept I’d never experienced before;
It’s new, and bright, and beautiful like a freshly stoked fire on a cold winter’s night.
It burns for only them,
But nothing can come of it.
I had fallen hopelessly in love with the wrong being.

My emotions run rampant in a cocktail of admiration and affection.
I had wished to feel this kind of love,
But not like this.
Not when the one I love is destined for another,
Not when I can’t fight the passion I feel for them.

Maybe I’ll just destroy them and never do it again;
Have my emotions float away on the breeze and forever be lost,
Never to love again.
I’ll let myself become numb to save me from the pain,
To not pine and fawn over a love that can never be.

Maybe I’ll just let my emotions float away like a leaf in a swiftly flowing stream,
But it will be stopped by the dam I’ve built,
Letting me suffer in silence to still be able to feel.
Pining and fawning over someone that can’t and won’t love me will drive me insane,
But if I confess their rejection would break me.

Maybe I’ll just be silent and let my emotions fester;
Or I’ll become numb to save me from the pain they bring.
I can’t just tell them and have their refusal fracture my soul and mind.
I’ll destroy my feelings and never do it again,
Never let them control me again,
Never let them paralyze me again.

Thoughts run rampant through my racing mind,
Always battling each other for a moment of my consideration;
Always causing doubt, and confusion, and indecision.
This choice will either shatter or obliterate.
How can I decide my fate when both paths lead to nothing but pain and misery?

Why did I have to fall in helpless, hopeless love?