“Maybe I’ll just destroy them and never do it again.” said Jango as a smirk appeared across his face, as he descended onto the dance floor. Lights were off, the curtains slowly opened and all we heard was the soft voice of a woman singing the most beautiful melody, then the music started picking up the spotlight on Jango as he began to break out and do his dance routine. He had been waiting for this very moment for months, practicing daily for hours on end to perfect absolutely every move. His moves were sharp yet so flamboyant and free, he became one with the music, every bar of music that passed was a different way he flowed around the stage. We all watched in awe as the sweat glistened upon his forehead, his hair still looking nice from the amount of product he put in it, as the end of the song came near he slowly fell to his knees, looked at us, and smiled, he wasn’t the villain he appeared to be. The lights slowly faded away and the curtain began to close. All of us were still in shock, mouths wide open from what we had just witnessed, everyone in one simultaneous motion stood up and began clapping, roses being thrown all over the stage. There was so much appreciation and love for Jango that the roses covered the entire stage, not a single piece of wood could be seen through the red and green flood of flowers.

I had escaped from my friends and headed backstage to find Jango, but I stopped in my tracks as I heard a very disgruntled and angered voice.

“That was embarrassing Jango, you dare to call that a routine? You are an embarrassment and disgrace to this family, all of those people may be impressed out there, but I’m not, don’t even think about coming home tonight. I don’t want to see you after that atrocity I witnessed, I struggled to even sit through the whole thing, it was just terrible.” I knew now it was Jango’s dad saying all of this to him, all Jango ever wanted to do was impress his dad, that’s why he spends months and many hours preparing for his routines before taking the stage. I had always wondered why after every show he had he seemed down, it was because he could never impress his father, he would either leave during the middle or scold him after the show, nothing was ever good enough for him but Jango always tried his best. Jango’s dad walked past me as he left hastily and visibly upset, as he passed me he gave me the scariest side eye anyone has ever seen. I could tell why Jango was always so down now.

“Hey, are you okay? I thought your routine was great!” I looked at him and smiled.

“Yeah don’t worry about that he’s just joking, thanks for coming.” He looked up at me. I could see his eyes begin welling up. He stood up quickly and turned around so I couldn’t see the tears run down his face.

“Where is my bag?” Jango said aloud to himself trying to get his mind off of everything and to distract me from the situation in hopes I didn’t see him cry.

“Over here.” I replied.

“Thanks.” He said back, as he got closer to grab his bag I grabbed him and gave him a hug.

“Don’t listen to him dude, your routine was beautiful, you shouldn’t live your life trying to impress someone who can’t be impressed. It’s an impossible task you are trying to make possible.” I said to him as he broke down in my arms. With the flip of a switch Jango changed, I had never seen him like this before, the tears stopped and he had this very unimpressed and intimidating look on his face. I’ve seen Jango low before, but never like this, he didn’t seem to care anymore, I left it alone for awhile until one day we were all at school and some kid kept poking fun of Jango, and he stood up, turned around and right hooked the kid with all of his might.

“JANGO! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” I yelled at him. Jango turned to me, looked at me with a grin.

“Maybe I’ll just destroy them and never do it again.”

I guess he was the villain he appeared to be, he wasn’t always like that though, he just let it consume him this time.