“Maybe I’ll just destroy them and never do it again.” We are constantly told to be nice to other people. What If those people or people around you don’t reciprocate the feeling ? What if they do things to make us angry or just upset us? Would you ever have a feeling to do something to them or would we rather to just continue on with our day? Do we ever think that if they were in trouble our life would be better? Could we move past the things they had done to us or would we wish to do something to destroy them maybe not physically or emotionally, mentally enough to give them back the pain that they gave to you or someone else. This is the conversation I overheard my grandmother explaining to the younger siblings downstairs with all of these questions for them to realize how some people are in this world around them. How they act has a repercussion and how the people we chose to be friends or around also have repercussions.