“Gout is something you get if you’re a character in a Dickens novel. You’ve just got a twisted ankle.”

Will’s boyfriend, while training for his next marathon, had twisted his ankle. Luckily for Nick, Will was a trained doctor and knew just what to do.

“We’re gonna go home, get some ice and rest your ankle for a few days. That means no running on it.”

Nick whined. “But Wiilllll…I was about to do my long run this week. I can’t take a few days off. The marathon is in a month!!”

Will sighed. He knew his boyfriend would be stubborn. He hated anything that held him back, however small. Plus, with Will’s work and Nick’s training, they hadn’t had much time to spend together recently.

“Nick, seriously, you’re always training for this goddamn marathon. Take some time to rest! You’ll be in a better condition to train if you take a few days to heal up.”

Nick flopped back on the couch with a huff. Will was working on situating the ice on Nick’s ankle, and suddenly an idea came to him.

“What do you think about binging that new series? You know, the one we’ve been talking about?”

Nick’s head perked up at that. “Can we make popcorn?” he asked. Nick was a sucker for popcorn. The lightweight, relatively healthy snack was something he always went for.

Will laughed and shook his head. “Of course, idiot. We’ll make a whole thing of it.” He pushed Nick’s hair back off his forehead.

“I’ll go pop the popcorn, why don’t you get it que’d up?” Will said, and Nick reached for the remote.

In a few minutes, Will and Nick were snuggled under the blankets on the couch, excited for the show they’d eagerly awaited the release of.