Fast Lies, Slow Truth

Gout is something you get if you’re a character in a Dickens novel.
Arthritis is something you get if you’re in a Disney movie.
You’ll get blisters if you’re a character in a Verne novel.
And if you find yourself in a Marvel movie, check for tendonitis.

These perfect fantasies,
Are just pathetic strategies,
That gives audiences a sense of perfection,
To calm their own lives’ rejection.

Giving characters a chance to turn their life around before its too late,
To find the perfect match and live happily ever after.
To go on a great adventure,
Or to save the world over and over.

This depiction of life gives inspiration,
But also limits the information,
Of the situation.
These stories are not for celebration.

Everyone wants to fix their wrongdoings,
To know they picked the right decision,
To know they left their mark,
And to be the hero for once.

But what the stories leave out,
Is the pain and struggle throughout.
Making people give up their own dreams,
Because the path is filled with subtle schemes.