“Gout is something you get if you’re a character in a Dickens novel!” Severe pain, redness, swelling to the joints. All symptoms that you can get with gout. You may experience them suddenly while you are asleep. During the attack, some anti- inflammatory medicine can be helpful to relieve the pain that you are feeling during the attack. The reason why you are probably experiencing gout is primarily caused by food that you ate. Gout is a build up of a substance called uric acid in your blood. Producing too much uric acid your kidneys can’t filter enough of it out. If you have recently had lots of fruit juice, Alcohol, sugary sodas, fish etc.. that can be why you are experiencing severe or mild conditions of gout. The doctor explains this to ebenezer scrooge after his very exciting Christmas with the cratchits. He woke up with extreme pain and rushed to see his doctor; he had never experienced the pain that he was experiencing. Scrooge explains to the doctor that he has always had a drink every night or even four. His doctor asks him if he eats many of these foods as well. Scrooge replies with yes but has never experienced any inflammation or pain as I had last night. The doctor replies to Scrooge as you are now aging. It is going to be prominent in your life. You will need to watch what you eat and Just watch your proportions because your age makes it harder for you to stop this from happening. Watching your diet is the best suggestion that I am going to give you for now and I would like to see you every two weeks to just go over basic things so I can make sure you are doing well. Scrooge agrees and leaves. When Scrooge leaves the doctor’s office he feels extreme pain in his knee so much he can’t walk he can’t turn back to go to the doctor, so he decides to sit against the side of the wall and as he is sitting there Tim walks by and says “Mr. Scrooge are you alright” Scrooge replies to him “no I am in so much pain I can’t move” Tim says here I’ll help you and bring you home with me where we will all help you until you can move. Scrooge calls the doctor the next morning and the doctor tells Scrooge that he needs to exercise and watch his diet and he will see him in a few weeks till then for Scrooge to take it easy.