“I can’t take you to the park sweetie because the Giants are about to start playing”

I woke up coughing, felt like someone was drilling into my brain, my eyes were watering, all I could see was blurry and wrapped in a black cloud of smoke.

I couldn’t get up, I was covered in rubble. I heard a man talking under the uninterrupted ringing of my ears “another great victory of the Giants tonight” at the sound of those words with all my strength I got up. The building had collapsed, above me there were two other floors ready to fall supported only by three columns. When I was finally up, I saw her. She was in a pool of blood with her long blonde hair covering her sweet beautiful face.

I sat near her and took her little body in my arms and cried desperately. I told her that everything was fine, that we had to go to the park, that she had to wake up because we had to go to the park.

She didn’t wake up. Now, every time the Giants are playing, I’m at the park, but Lucy won’t jump off the swingset yelling “Daddy” anymore.