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Author Liam

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2021 April
If we were in a movie, by Liam

“If we were in a movie… but we’re not.” I look around in the empty room. White walls, white roof, and no lights. Even though there were no lights the room was lit. “Hello?” The echo bounces around the room… Continue Reading →

2021 March
You did that for her? by Liam

“You did that for her?” “Yes, and I would do it again!” I turn to the audience. “And I would do it again for her!” The curtain falls. “They loved you tonight!” “Thank you, but without you there wouldn’t have… Continue Reading →

2021 February
Grounded for Life by Liam

“My dad is going to ground me for life!” “That is the least of our problems right now! How are we even going to get home?” “I don’t know. I don’t even know where we are! Is it the desert?”… Continue Reading →

2021 January
The Choice by Liam

I sat beneath the Storytelling Tree. I look up to the branches which weave like the game pick up sticks above me giving a relaxing shade to an otherwise intense sunlight. Where I was on this mountain under this storytelling… Continue Reading →

2020 November
Story #6 by Liam

“Do what you have to do.“ He says voice breaking the damp night air. I push the body into the large golden suitcase. We hear the music pick up. Even though no one else was aware of what was happening… Continue Reading →

2020 October
Story #2 by Liam

“I can’t believe she told me that!” “You weren’t supposed to find out this way.” “I can’t believe that this is real. And you of all people. How could you look me in the face, and not tell me?!” “All… Continue Reading →

2020 September
Story #2 by Liam

“At one time, there was a defiant little girl, standing in front of the bull, like this… like this…warrior with a powerful look in her eyes with an unbudging will.” “How would some beginning of a motivational statement help me?”… Continue Reading →

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