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Author Mason Perkins

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2023 February
Can’t go to the park, by Mason

“I can’t take you to the park sweetie because the Giants are about to start playing.” “But Mommmmmm!!” I exclaimed: “Everybody goes out while the giants are around, why can’t I?” “Because you are too young, and it is dangerous,… Continue Reading →

2022 November
Bad Day at the Zoo by Mason

“I did, I did”Said the serpent to the kidSlithering across the lidWhere the little one now hid“Down my throat they slid,And the same to you, I now bid.” Through the cracks, the serpent spyingThe boy, solemnly crying“You may not live,… Continue Reading →

2022 October
Easy to be a chef, by Mason

“It must be so easy to be a chef around here.” That’s what the little child told me, as I brought him through my hut, filled with all the herbs and spices known to man. I chuckled, looking down at… Continue Reading →

2022 September
Kick you in the face spicy, by Mason

It’s not kick you in the face spicy,It’s slap you upside the head feisty.The little round soldier first attacked the throat,Charging across a fiery moat,Bringing all the heat, any one could musterCausing the complexion surely to flusterThe tears begin to… Continue Reading →

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