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2021 March
You did that for her? by Maizy

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2021 March
You did that for her? by Emma Malia

“You did that for her?” You look up at the trees overhead, big leafy London plane trees. “Widely considered to be the world’s most reliable city tree”, at least by some know-it-all you met at a party thrown by a… Continue Reading →

2021 March
You did that for her? by Grace

“You did that for her? Do you know we can’t afford that dress? We’re gonna be overdrawn for years doing this.” “Honey we only get one wedding for our daughter.” “I know but a $4000 dress just isn’t reasonable we… Continue Reading →

2021 March
You did that for her? by John

July 4, 2019 Journal Entry #8 You did that for her? Well of course I would. She’s my best friend! We were at a Fourth of July party and all swimming and were about to eat some amazing burgers and… Continue Reading →

2021 March
You did that for her? by Lillian

“You did that for her?” “Well yeah! Y’know, she’s a new girl, so I felt kinda bad for her.” “Yeah… but… she’s so weird, so quiet…” “Snrk– yeah, well you should see her when she’s with her boyfriend…” The voices… Continue Reading →

2021 March
Unhinged by Sam

You did that for her?Her words, soft and sweet, play in my mind,constantly on rewind.Oh she is just too forgiving ofmy fatal flaws,that like my lies,stack up just like hay straws. Even though everything was such a blur,I reluctantly go… Continue Reading →

2021 March
You did that for her? by Zachary

“You did that for her?” “I’m sorry Amelia, I know, I messed up.” “No, you did a little more than ‘mess up!’ You went behind my back, threw everything we’ve ever done straight into the trash, and disregarded me entirely!… Continue Reading →

2021 March
You did that for her? by Liam

“You did that for her?” “Yes, and I would do it again!” I turn to the audience. “And I would do it again for her!” The curtain falls. “They loved you tonight!” “Thank you, but without you there wouldn’t have… Continue Reading →

2021 March
Street Snippet

When you hear a comment on the streets of New York City, sometimes you want to turn around and follow whoever said it just to see if you can figure out more of the story. This month, “You did that… Continue Reading →

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