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Author Chiara Thiella

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2023 April
Yo! You survived a plane crash?, by Chiara

“You survived a plane crash?” she asked, looking at me from the doorway, with her arms folded. I saw her upside down, my leg was in a cast leaning against the backrest of the sofa and my head was almost… Continue Reading →

2023 March
Walk normally, by Chiara

“Go ahead and walk normally. You can just walk like a normal person” he said in a low voice but the tone of these words sent a shiver down my spine. He was sitting in a white chair surrounded by… Continue Reading →

2023 February
Can’t go to the park, by Chiara

“I can’t take you to the park sweetie because the Giants are about to start playing” I woke up coughing, felt like someone was drilling into my brain, my eyes were watering, all I could see was blurry and wrapped… Continue Reading →

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