Street Snippets is a strictly monitored platform. When a child submits a story, they provide a name and email address. Email addresses are never exposed on the site or distributed/sold to third parties.

The story goes into the moderation queue, which is only visible to the managers of the program. The story is vetted to confirm it is appropriate content. It is then published on the site. Comments are handled in the same way.

All content submitted, whether a story or a comment, is moderated before being published. No content is ever exposed without going through the moderation process. No personal information is shown on the site, other than the author’s name and school. Inappropriate content is deleted before it can be viewed by the public and the account submitting it is blocked from the site.

Street Snippets is run on WordPress, a world class, enterprise software application. Security is built into the platform, which is automatically updated on a regular basis.