“There are no written ways to arrive at this.” he wrote hypocritically. He is finishing up a paper given to him months ago on an archeological dig he had done and he only started working on it now a week from the due date. It’s now Monday starting a report due Friday and he hasn’t even touched the pictures and writing from the Siberian cave. He is forced to skim over the findings as he writes and puts and he wants to take a second look at them in a separate pile to come back to.

As he continues to pore over the material the second turns into hours and the hours turn into days and before he realizes it he has finished the report. He finishes it on Thursday which still gives him a day to look over the ones that may have seemed interesting.

They turn out to all be about the same except for one thing. It’s a glass bottle that appears to be from the soviet ww2 era and the clear liquid captured inside had come back from the lab as 40% ethanol which means it’s vodka. This forced him to come to two conclusions about the bottle it was either left by a time traveler or a drunk who had stumbled into the cave long ago and left it behind. He decided it was the latter one and finished his report up with that one hypocritical line.