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2022 November
I did! I did! by Anya

“I did! I did!“Mother I actually did! She knew not of a life other,I have been nothing if not a teaching mother,She’s grasped my technique, perfected my touch,She peeled back skin and casted toward the hutch,The rats devoured the leathery… Continue Reading →

2022 November
I did! I did! by Aidan

I did, I did!I kept pulling on the chain.I know that my pulling is all in vain,the chain disappears in the fog but I continue to pull.I’ve been told that pulling on the chain is a waste of energy. I’ve… Continue Reading →

2022 November
Bad Day at the Zoo by Mason

“I did, I did”Said the serpent to the kidSlithering across the lidWhere the little one now hid“Down my throat they slid,And the same to you, I now bid.” Through the cracks, the serpent spyingThe boy, solemnly crying“You may not live,… Continue Reading →

2022 November

The Influence of a Broken World by Alyssa

“I did! I did!” Life spins and crashes to the groundThrough the maze; around and aroundBlurred and fadedDark and jaded Sweet-tart fragrance floats through the airMuffled tones begin the prayerSilence envelopes the spaceSmiles pull towards my face Whispers gathered round… Continue Reading →

2022 November Snippet
I did! I did!

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of LOUD people lumbering down the streets of New York City. Case in point, I was walking through the Union Square Farmer’s Market this Saturday and a 35 year old guy started screaming,… Continue Reading →

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