“I did! I did!”

Life spins and crashes to the ground
Through the maze; around and around
Blurred and faded
Dark and jaded

Sweet-tart fragrance floats through the air
Muffled tones begin the prayer
Silence envelopes the space
Smiles pull towards my face

Whispers gathered round to view
Dead, alive, nothing new
Hot streams seep on past
Nothing built ever lasts

Watch from up above, watch from down below
Stare and swear at my skin, tears overflow
Words stain and taint what used to be clean
Words tarnish and ruin the unseen

Scream, gasp, and cry
Cut, paste, and try
Try to be
Try to see

Losing face,
Maroon spread,
Mangled parts
Left for dead
Instead of real

“Look at what you have done”
“Look at what you have caused”
“Who, who did this?”

I grin weakly,
Now at my best
As the monsters come out ready to be addressed

Together they peer down at who questioned them
Eye to eye, in a rhythmic trance
She will be condemned to the same chance at romance
They begin…

“I did! I did!”