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Author Alyssa Freeman

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2023 April
Yo! You survived a plane crash?, by Alyssa

Panic “Yo! You survived a plane crash?” The overheard conversation becomes faded, my vision blurs and I’m gone. Time warps and crushes my soul, I’m twisted and folded into a knot, then everything snaps. A bright light shined into my… Continue Reading →

2023 March
Walk normally, by Alyssa

“Go ahead and walk normally. You can just walk like a normal person…”. A statement normally attributed to a young child playing around. One might even laugh at the child, finding them to be amusing. Anomaly 548, a widespread illness… Continue Reading →

2023 February
Can’t go to the park, by Alyssa

Dear Peanut, When I say, “I can’t take you to the park sweetie because the Giants are about to start playing,” I mean, I hate the park, please find something I can tolerate doing . Or I remark how, “your… Continue Reading →

2022 December
Wild West meets Material Girl by Alyssa

The Important Conversations of the WorldUser: CatDad951 “He’s a Wild, Wild West kind of guy and she’s like a Material Girl.” User: GreyCries2Much “I don’t know about wild west but he is definitely ratchetty if you know what I mean.”… Continue Reading →

2022 November

The Influence of a Broken World by Alyssa

“I did! I did!” Life spins and crashes to the groundThrough the maze; around and aroundBlurred and fadedDark and jaded Sweet-tart fragrance floats through the airMuffled tones begin the prayerSilence envelopes the spaceSmiles pull towards my face Whispers gathered round… Continue Reading →

2022 October
The Feeding, by Alyssa

“It must be so easy to be a chef around here,” I commented to no one. At least 30 people were outside eating food I had never seen before from the downtown restaurants. The sun was bright, the wind rustled… Continue Reading →

2022 September
Kick you in the face spicy, by Alyssa

October“It’s not, ‘kick you in the face’ spicy, it’s more of a rising tension then boom kind of spicy.” As I was discussing various details of the new romance novel I’m reading, there he was, the most beautiful person I… Continue Reading →

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