“It must be so easy to be a chef around here,” I commented to no one. At least 30 people were outside eating food I had never seen before from the downtown restaurants. The sun was bright, the wind rustled my hair; it was a beautiful day to eat outside. My eyes wandered back to the locals shoveling food into their mouths. As I re-analyzed the dishes I realized none of it looked as appetizing as it did a moment ago. Clearly it was beloved by many people based on their girth, so I must be wrong. I caught a whiff of one of the dishes, the scent of rotting food, feces, and iron flew to my nostrils. My hands covered my nose; I was in shock! How could someone eat something so revolting”. I looked back at the people, when their bodies started to morph.

In a second they turned from ordinary looking humans, to giant globs of pale goop. Hundreds of teeth glistened from their mouths, dripping with a red substance. I looked back at the food, only to find fear stucken corpses being eaten. The people were torn to shreds, bodily fluids surrounding their once living corpses. The creatures engorged themselves in their meals before them. Bones and pieces of human flesh flung into the air. Cold sweat dripped against the back of my neck, I started to retreat when my hand came across a thick slimy substance.

My head turned slowly, my heart pumped loudly into my ears as I found one of those monstrosities staring back at me. Its eyes were dull and empty but filled with an endless hunger. Its mouth curved upward, making a cheshire-like smile. As I turned to run, all the others were facing me, grinning, mouth watering. I ripped my hand away from the creature and ran until my lungs gave out. I started to hear squelching as I ran. I turned my head for just a moment to find all of the things in a rhythmic movement gaining on my speed.

Slime shot out; making my feet stick to the pavement. The slug-like monsters came upon me, circling my trapped body. They eyed each other curious who was going to make the first move. They hissed and snarled before they began their feast. Finally, they pounced, teeth sunk into my limbs and ripped them from my body; blood poured. All I could feel was thousands of fangs buried into my skin gnawing at whatever flesh they could get at, until my consciousness finally blacked out from the pain.

I awoke screaming, I was frozen, stuck to my bed. I realized what had happened, a dream, of course! It had been a dream! I started to regain feeling in my neck. I lifted my head only to find gunk covering everything. Surrounding me were a swarm of slugs. They started to crawl towards me. That was when I saw the hundreds of pointed teeth in their mouths. I screamed and screamed but no one came. The slugs crawled up my abdomen, reaching my face. The last thing I saw were teeth sinking into my eyes.