Dear Peanut,

When I say, “I can’t take you to the park sweetie because the Giants are about to start playing,” I mean, I hate the park, please find something I can tolerate doing . Or I remark how, “your brother is sick and he is still getting his work done,”, I want to say, I expect more, but don’t want to push you. When I comment, “All you do is sit around and watch Spongebob,” I just want you to get out more and be with your friends.

If you hear, “you know how much college money I got from my parents? NONE,” I just want you to be grateful for what you have and understand the sacrifices I have made. When I tell you, “if you end up on the streets living under a bridge, I’m not coming to help you,” I hope you see I don’t want you relying on me to come save you from your own mistakes.

If you hear phrases like, “Jesus taught me that you’re spoiled,” “maybe we will move you into a storage unit, it’ll be cheaper than a dorm room,” or “ok, I’ll pick you up from school on Wednesday,” it’s my weird way of saying I love you.

And if you ever hear, “I can’t wait to abandon you at college,” what I’m really saying is, don’t leave me and stay my little girl forever.