“Go ahead and walk normally. You can just walk like a normal person…”.

A statement normally attributed to a young child playing around. One might even laugh at the child, finding them to be amusing. Anomaly 548, a widespread illness that affected an entire state. The anomaly went on for six months without government officials intervening or aware of the event.
Oddly enough, this illness stopped spreading once it reached the border of the now unknown state of Kai. In order to prevent future contamination to the rest of the United States, Kai was bombed, and the ocean flooded the forgotten state. All civilians were treated in order to forget this disaster, and all classified personnel have been sworn under oath to never speak of this event.

Anomaly 548, also referred to as Fetaltransformium by faculty, began on March 13 at 8:58 am. Every civilian, over the age of two, in the Kai border, lost their ability to walk. It started with a wobble and diagonal walk, but after an hour of being infected people flopped to the ground unable to get up. All victims had some motor use of their legs; they could crawl, flail them about, but didn’t have the muscular strength to stand up on them. At the same time, toddlers and babies under the age of two began having complete control over their legs.

Babies in the womb were also influenced by this disease. In the remaining health documents that were taken before the bombing of Kai, doctors reported an increase in activity from babies in womb. Security footage even showed one woman in extreme pain, when a hand pushed through her stomach and ripped its way out of her.

From an outside perspective, this phenomena didn’t seem to have any consequences; babies and toddlers seemed to have grown an intelligence considering all legally registered children did not suffer any injuries or had any sign of injury. All adult run systems, such as electricity and oil companies, continued to run as normal. All packages continued to be sent in and out of the state, and all government interactions gave no hint of suspicion that anything non-human was running it.

*Security footage proved our suspicions of invisible forces continuing the work of adults to provide the disease with more time to grow. Watching this footage results in mass confusion and symptoms of Anomaly 548 begin to appear if exposed to the footage for long periods of time. *

On March 20th at 9:12 am, speech was reduced to babbling and high squeaky sounds as well as crying. Babies started talking in complete complex sentences. Adults and children lost all motor ability of arms and legs, while babies grew strong enough to pick up helpless adults and children. The babies tended to speak mechanically, sometimes in unison. When talking with one of the inflicted babies, little to no knowledge about their species or reason for taking over a human life form was given. All inflicted tend to be connected by one being. The inflicted tend to have discussion even when alone, another species may be present that we are unaware of.

April 3rd at 9:40 am, teeth began to fall out of adult and children mouths, while babies grew full sets of teeth in 2-3 hours. A sample of one of these teeth was collected before the destruction of the state of Kai. It was incredibly sharp and mimicked the shape of a shark tooth. When examined down to a molecular level, scientists found evidence of a venomous gland in the tooth.

April 10th at 9:54 am, hair loss began, while babies experienced rapid hair growth, all of different colors, pink, blue, green, even mixtures of the different colors. They also all had a certain length the hair would stop growing as well as it would grow in certain areas. It seemed the disease was trying to form human-like hairstyles to integrate the inflicted into our society. Considering all of these life forms were only a foot tall, how likely this was is unknown.

April 17th at 10:08 am, personalities decreased rapidly, preferences to certain colors, foods, sounds, disappeared entirely. All adults produced similar patterns, they would cry and sleep. After a complete month of being affected by this disease, adults were fully conformed into babies, while the inflicted raised them. The inflicted would take part in weekly ceremonies where the former adult babies were dunked into a pink goo. With each dunk, the adult babies grew more and more similar to the inflicted.

By September, the government military infiltrated the state’s protective system, which deterred others away to keep their community safe from outsiders. A civilian, Anomaly 548 A, is the one who brought the anomaly to our attention, due to a difference in their siblings behavior when contacting them, this sibling did in fact live in Kai. When interviewing other civilians, who had been in contact with family and friends who had been inflicted, they hadn’t noticed a change and always felt a sense of comfort when speaking with the inflicted.

Anomaly 548 A has undergone many tests, we are still unsure how they could have detected this disturbance, they possibly might be an inflicted themselves who has undergone the full metamorphosis.

The government gathered some of the inflicted, security footage, and files, but inevitably the state became too dangerous to expose to anyone. Resulting in the bombing and flooding of Kai. We have used Anomaly 548 A to look for any sign of the illness or these invisible creatures impacting the world, none have been spotted. Our workers theorize Anomaly 548 was a first attempt at planetary takeover from intelligent life.