“Go ahead and walk normally….”

“You can just walk like a normal person…”

“Stop dillydallying and hold my hand…”

“Pick up your feet and stop dragging…”

“For Christ’s sake love, your backpack is trailing on the ground.”

“Here, Give me the backpack so the cat doesn’t jump out.”

“Pick up the pace, love!”

“We have to make it to the train.”

“Ignore the merchants, they just want to distract us long enough to raid our pockets.”

“Come on! Almost there baby!”

“Mama, my feet hurt, I can’t make it!”

“Love, it’s just past this market, push harder.”

“Watch the rocks. Here I’ll hoist you up.”

“Mama the train is making a sound… It’s screeching.”

“It’s going to move honey, jump into the storage car.”

“Mama, how will you get up the rock?”

“Rolan, this is not a question. Jump now.”

“Rolan! Rolan! I can’t see you over the rocks! Answer me! Did you make it?”

“Rolan, I’m going to throw the backpack over!”

“I’m sorry Chila, I hope he made it, or otherwise you’re going to have a rude awakening.”

“Just stay in the bag and keep my little boy company.”

“You were a good cat.”

“I threw the backpack, Rolan!”

“Are you there?”

“The train is starting to move!”

“I’ll climb over!”


“Rolan, I can’t make it, it’s moved too far.”

“I love you!”

“Be strong!”