The Important Conversations of the World
User: CatDad951 “He’s a Wild, Wild West kind of guy and she’s like a Material Girl.”

User: GreyCries2Much “I don’t know about wild west but he is definitely ratchetty if you know what I mean.”

User: CatDad951: “Ugh he is soooo rachetty, its not even funny.”

User: loveydovey “yes!!! that’s why they’re perfect for one another.”

User: GreyCries2Much “I guess that they might bring out the best in each other, they are definitely different.”

User: CatDad951 “I am certain this will end in heartbreak. I mean look at her, strutting around all in love and stuff, it makes me sick, she probably is just using him.”

User: loveydovey “i think its cute, she seems happy”

User: CatDad951 “It’s weird, I just don’t get how someone as stuck up as she would choose to date him, I mean he is wonderful but…”

User: GreyCries2Much “He definitely isn’t someone in her normal dating catalog”

User: loveydovey “she just seems so happy and carefree, her last relationship ended horribly, and he seems to treat her well, i i just hope it lasts

User: CatDad951 “It’s just he deserves so much better than her, she has done so many terrible things to others.”

User: loveydovey “but I don’t think it’s her fault it was just because of the relationship she was in at the time”

User: CatDad951 “Are you trying to justify her actions by blaming them on someone else? She made those decisions. We have every right to hold her accountable.”

User: loveydovey “i just think she doesn’t deserve all the judgment and hate people give her”

User: CatDad951 “I can’t believe you are defending a rich stuck up millionaire who has had everything handed to her, her whole life.”

User: loveydovey “i think you don’t like her because she is dating someone you’ve had a crush on since freshman year?!”

User: GreyCries2Much “Guys this isn’t that big of a deal, let’s just move on.”

User: CatDad951 “Not big of a deal? She is trying to invalidate the hurt that Kim has caused to many people?”

User: loveydovey “i’m not defending her, i couldn’t care less about her, i just think that being in a toxic relationship can impact your actions”

User: GreyCries2Much “This is stupid.”

User: loveydovey “honestly what is stupid is the fact i can’t say i think a problematic person can be influenced by another problematic person making them seem worse then they actually are”

User: CatDad951 “So you admit it!”

User: loveydovey “admit what?”

User: CatDad951 “You think she is problematic!”

User: loveydovey “i never said I didn’t, i just think her decisions have been influenced by her former partner”

User: CatDad951 “Oh come on just admit it you were wrong and I was right.”

User: loveydovey “you’re only arguing because you’re in love with her boyfriend and you’re jealous, your arguments aren’t even out of reason, they are due to envy, literally, just yesterday you were talking about which tattoos of his are your favorites”

User: CatDad951:

User: GreyCries2Much “Guys you are arguing about Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, and fyi they just broke up, its trending all over Twitter.”

User: CatDad951“Oh?”
User: CatDad951 “ aw poor Pete, I hope he’s okay 🙁 ”

User: loveydovey “… anyway do you guys want to go get some food?”

User: CatDad951 “As long as we don’t go anywhere that’s problematic.”

User: loveydovey “that’s your concern? not whether or not they provide good food but what a business’s morals are?”

User: GreyCries2Much “Ugh, here we go again…”

The two online friends continued to argue about the issues of the internet world and did not go to dinner. GreyCries2Much cried because she realized her friends are chronically obsessed with social media. She decided to get new friends, but ran into the same problem. So she threw her phone away and left the people of the internet to continue their endless meaningless bickering, while she found joy in solitude. The End.