I did, I did!
I kept pulling on the chain.
I know that my pulling is all in vain,
the chain disappears in the fog but I continue to pull.
I’ve been told that pulling on the chain is a waste of energy. I’ve been told that my time is being wasted. I know all this but something always brings me back to the chain.
Sometimes when I pull on the chain it inches ever so closer. Showing me that all my effort isn’t for nothing, but even with the slow progress, it seems the chain will never end. I’m beginning to think this chain has no end. I’m trapped, welded to links of desperation that were my own making. My bonds burn with a crimson fire of equal parts passion and guilt. My heart is being drip-fed a slow-acting poison that slips through the fingers of my mind. I’m begging anyone to please cut me loose from this chain!