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Author Aidan Pelkey

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2023 April
Yo! You survived a plane crash!, by Aidan

“You survived a plane crash?” “Yeah back in 1997 I was in a pretty gnarly wreck.” “Wow, I’d definitely not be able to get back on a plane after that.” “Well I’ve got to keep moving, you know, I can’t… Continue Reading →

2023 March
Walk Normally, by Aidan

A Tea Party “Go ahead and walk normally.” “You can just walk like a normal person, I don’t feel like it.” “You’re so detestable sometimes you know that?” “I’m not the one that envies every person I meet.” “It’s my… Continue Reading →

2023 February
Can’t go to the park, by Aidan

I can’t take you to the park sweetie because the Giants are about to start playing. The giants play in mysterious ways and it’s time you learned why. A start would be realizing that giants aren’t simply giants but also… Continue Reading →

2022 December
Wild West meets Material Girl by Aiden

He’s a Wild, Wild West kind of guy and she’s like a Material Girl.He’s the kind of man that doesn’t take no for an answer and makes his own fate.She’s the kind of girl who wants fancy things and diamond… Continue Reading →

2022 November
I did! I did! by Aidan

I did, I did!I kept pulling on the chain.I know that my pulling is all in vain,the chain disappears in the fog but I continue to pull.I’ve been told that pulling on the chain is a waste of energy. I’ve… Continue Reading →

2022 October
Easy to be a chef by Aidan

It must be so easy to be a chef around here,Because no one will run in fear! This market is a paradise with lots of meat! You can chop their butt,And slice their gut and none will bat an eye,… Continue Reading →

2022 September
The Cave, by Aidan

“It’s not kick you in the face spicy,” my brother said in a joking tone when eating the meat my father always brought back from his hunts. I was having the same dream every night about my family and that… Continue Reading →

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