I can’t take you to the park sweetie because the Giants are about to start playing. The giants play in mysterious ways and it’s time you learned why. A start would be realizing that giants aren’t simply giants but also gods. Yes, Gods of immeasurable power and wisdom. Gods that can be touched. Gods that can be felt. Gods that can be hated and Gods that can be loved. I can’t tell you to worship our Gods, that’s something you have to do on your own. It can be scary at first I know, but everyone tumbles the idea of Gods inside their head every day.

Just remember that you are never alone in your fear because humanity as one fears the unknown. It is through this fear that we conclude. Gods are present in our world or they are absent. Take this example to come to your conclusion sweetie- would a dying man on a blood-soaked battlefield reach for the heavens? Would he ask for the forgiveness of the lord for killing many of his fellow men, or would he simply lay there and accept his fate? Now I would believe something is waiting for me when I die, but that’s just me.

I believe that this Universe couldn’t be without creators for it provides Humans with sublime new experiences every waking moment. Can we be serious when thinking that everything we know simply came without creative input? Look at all we live in and tell me that something with a creative touch did not create all that we see. The Gods extended hands control the growth of humanity without ever touching us on our physical skin. Just because the gods don’t interact with us doesn’t mean they don’t have a firm grip on our necks. So learn to love your Gods sweetie and they’ll learn to love you too. Respect them and they’ll respect you. Worship them and they’ll let you live. Fear them and they’ll spare your unworthy soul.