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Author Keegan Day

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2013 April
Yo! You survived a plane crash?, by Keegan

“You survived a plane crash?” I heard the therapist say it, but it barely registered in the back of my mind. What was his name again? I couldn’t remember. His face was long, with big eyes. He reminded me of… Continue Reading →

2023 March
Walk normally, by Keegan

“Go ahead and walk normally. You can just walk like a normal person…” “No, I can’t,” Ash hissed. “I’m not normal. I’m not even a person!” “Come on! It’s easy.” Sunny turned and waited for Ash, energy practically radiating from… Continue Reading →

2023 February
Can’t go to the park, by Keegan

“I can’t take you to the park sweetie because the giants are about to start playing.” A father leaned over and told his disappointed daughter. I hadn’t been eavesdropping on purpose, but overhearing that made my ears prick up. The… Continue Reading →

2022 September
Kick you in the face spicy, by Keegan

“It’s not kick-you-in-the-face spicy, it’s: fire-breathing-dragon-guzzling-gasoline spicy.” Well that’s certainly an interesting subject line. I thought, immediately captivated by the colorful vocabulary. As a successful food critic, I naturally received hundreds of emails per day of restaurant owners requesting I… Continue Reading →

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