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Author Mimi Ibrahim

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2024 April
No Written Way, by Mimi

“There are no written ways to arrive at this.” Thomas found himself trapped inside a dimly lit storage unit, nestled deep within the woods in the dead of winter. He could imagine the outside, the tree’s skeletal branches casting shadows… Continue Reading →

2024 March
It will be easy money!, by Mimi

“It will be easy money!” exclaimed Adam. He had the looks of a man in his mid twenties, that was, until you got to his face. Years of bad decision making clearly aged his appearance by quite a few years…. Continue Reading →

2024 January
I was ghosting you… by Mimi

NT. ALLEN’S APARTMENT – NIGHT Two colleagues and bestfriends (Allen and Jess) at a fashion business are talking about Allen’s play. He’s writing it to show high school students that it’s okay to express yourself how you want through fashion…. Continue Reading →

2023 September
“You’re going to need these.”
by Mimi

The Alley “You’re going to need these. You know you will,” An older man said as he gave a younger man gloves and trash bags. “I know…” he said in return. Click Phil turned on his TV and flipped to… Continue Reading →

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