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Lindsay is the freshman class babe, as many of the guys would put it, but I see her much differently, a sweet kind person. She has the most silky black hair and her style is impeccable, so it makes sense why she would be classified as a “babe”.I have zero feelings of love interest left for her, but I would like to be closer friends. Katie and Lindsay are friends, but not to close, they went through a rough patch after Katie started some weird rumors about Lindsay.

Although Lindsay is friends with basically everyone in the grade and everyone loves her, and most of the guys wanna be with her she is really independent and strong and will easily stick up for herself. While I was dating Lindsay we had almost a perfect relationship. The only problems that came up was that I was too indecisive and she was always busy volunteering or helping out at the school. I’m not very involved with the school at all, except when it comes to soccer, so that was our main difference. We ended up breaking up because of our very different lives. We’ve been broken up for a few months now so there’s no real tension in the grade, so why would Katie start this possible rumor?

Alex and I have been best friends ever since we met each other at a soccer camp around 3 years ago, but were both pretty competitive, so if one of us beats each other at something we always have some hard feelings towards each other for a bit. Alex and I are so similar it’s scary, some people say that were basically brothers. Alex has never broken my trust except for one time he did hit up a girl I was talking to and ended my talking with her, that made me mad for a bit, but I got over it eventually. Alex and I even have some colored hair, light brown. I’m a little taller than him, but he’s more beefy and “wide”, we joke about it all the time. He can be a little flaky and mysterious, so would he have a crush on Lindsay?

Katie is the class clown of the grade, bleached blue hair and a very lazy style. She jokes all the time, but she will occasionally start rumors, but no one ever knows if she’s joking or not. Katie and I have been classmates ever since those baby and momma classes. We’re not close, so it can be awkward, but she trusts me, but I don’t really trust her. She’s never done anything bad to me so why would she start a rumor that could hurt me and one of my closest friends? If Katie is also friends with Lindsay why would she want to cause drama with her? It’s odd because Lindsay and Alex aren’t close friends, or even friends at all, but they both are forced to go to piano lessons by their moms so they must talk there.

I wish I knew exactly what everyone was thinking, but I guess I’ll just have to text Katie to find out more information, is that a good idea? I really don’t want to start anything? Should I just straight up ask Alex during our nightly routine of playing Call of Duty? Should I text Lindsay, we talk occasionally, but never text, would that be weird? I guess I’ll just have to wait until someone decides to text me… wait Alex is calling me, that’s weird he never calls me.