“So cute… but don’t come home with another dog!” I overheard some posh lady at the masquerade say. I walked around the massive estate looking for anything of value, most of it was just washed up junk that rich people claim to be “valuable.” After aimlessly wandering around for a couple of minutes I found the room. It was easier to find the room because I had done some blue printing and planning before sneaking my way into this party. After picking the lock I went into the room and all that was in there was a ginormous safe. Without making noise or raising suspicion I left the room and headed back to where the ball was and found my brother, Cray.

“Yo, remember me telling you about those eggs?” I said to him softly

“Them Fabergé ones?”

“Yeah, and I think I found where they’re holding them, only thing is if we were to move them people would definitely see us no doubt about it.” I said hoping Cray would have at least some idea.

“It gotta window?”


“It got any visible way of getting out without needing to enter back through the ball?”

“I never checked, hold on.” I said as I snuck back to the room, I looked around for any way out, then I found it, there was this weird glare over one of the walls, I walked over to it and began to feel. It was a fake wall, I ripped it down and low and behold right behind the wall was a window.

“Rich people are so weird with architecture.” I said to myself, as my point that rich people aren’t the brightest stars was proven once again. I scurried back to where Cray was and told him everything.

“I’m not gonna even mention how stupid that is.” Cray said after hearing about the false wall.

“So how are we gonna get them out of there still because the window is still high up and there’s no changing that.” I said back.

“Here’s the plan, make sure all alarms are disabled or not triggered when you crack the safe, then you’re gonna open the window and put all of your trust in me.” Cray said, I already knew he was going to tell me some stupid way to move the items, because everytime he never fails to come up with the most stupid solution, but it hasn’t gone wrong yet so I trusted him anyway. I headed back to the room for hopefully was the last time, I inspected the safe as to make sure there were no alarms and then headed to work, I took out my stethoscope that I had hidden in my pants just incase, after about 10 minutes I cracked the safe, as I slowly opened it I could just see the shimmering gold reflecting off of the safes walls, there were five of them. I walked to the window and opened it and just like he said to trust him, Cray was right there ready to catch all five, I tossed each one down to him and I felt my heart stop after each toss. Thankfully Cray caught each and everyone of them. I shut the window, closed the safe, stuck my stethoscope back into my pants and left the room for the last time. I descended down the stairs and I met up with Cray and took two of the five eggs to carry.

“THE EGGS ARE GONE!” we overheard someone scream as if they just witnessed a murder. Cray and I ran to the stables and hopped onto horses, he hopped on the white one, and I hopped on the black one and we rode and rode all the way to our side of the city. There are two types of cities, the one I live in and the other, where I live is called Quase, a lawless district anything goes, as long as you know how to hold your own then you can survive. Meanwhile, the other city, Mona, consists of the posh and pampered rich people. Our government is centralized in Mona and they control the actions of Quase and Mona, but obviously they don’t care about us or we wouldn’t live like we do. As me and Cray made it to Quase we headed to the lanes, the lanes was where everyone was, it was a decently sized long straight road consisting of a couple stores, places to stay, and the bar. Cray and I decided to skip all of those and we headed to the pawn shop.

“What can I do for ya today boys?” Jenko said he was the store’s owner.

“Hey Jenko, I gotta pretty good run here for you.” I said back.

“Well why are you wasting my time, show me already.” he replied, I pulled out the eggs and as I did so I could see his eyes widen.

“H-how did you get those?” he said to me while still being entrapped looking at the eggs.

“Don’t matter J, now how much for each.” Cray intruded, I could tell he wanted to speed this up.

“I can give you 165 million chips for all five of them.” he said, looking as greedy as he always does.

“165 million, and an additional 10 imported materials from Mona.” I stated back.

“165 and 5, that’s the best I can do for you kid.” Jenko remarked, I wasn’t going to fight him on it because when Jenko makes up his mind, his mind is made.

“Deal.” I said, Cray and I headed back to where we stayed, knowing that we were the richest people in Quase.