“Gout is something you get if you’re a character in a Dickens novel!”
A sentence that would surely leave some in a writing debacle.
A winding skyscraper that is quite hard to topple.
Some consider it impossible to tackle a writing task this colossal.

Some left saying, “Who in the heavens is Charles Dickens!?”
Others saying, “Oh, this is easy pickins.”
Those people who are saying, “Au revoir, and good riddance.” are just chickens.
I wonder how such an alien statement’s plot thickens.

Such a statement about gout definitely raises some doubt.
Some would surely think that the person who said this was just a crazy lout.
There’s probably a Dicken’s fan that they made pout.
Possibly scream and shout,
Or even run around all about.

In the end,
It’s hard not to marvel,
At the fact that someone attributed gout to a Charles Dickens novel!