“There are no written ways to arrive at this.”
But, the answer is to express by joining hands
pressed against the keys, my fantasy is expressed with bliss.
Sounds push past the warm air of bands.

At a young 200 years old, its iconic style is already etched into history (to be blunt).
The shiny gloss, metal body, pristine look, yet,
It can give a sizzling song, a wailing wine, and a growling grunt,
covering almost every musical genre, I bet.

Cannonball Adderlly, Phil Woods, Charlie Parker
Paul Desmond, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane.
They all get the artform that can’t be expressed any sharper.
They see the flattened colors that puddle in the rain and make sound from the plain.

Here lies a type of language that uses twelve tones to make a plethora.
There are no written ways to conclude this– so here’s a permanent caesura.