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Author Brynn Schroeher

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2024 March
It will be easy money!, by Brynn

“It will be easy money!” Jamie exclaims as he shoves his phone in my face. On his screen is an app called EzCash. From the name alone and the app’s look, I can already tell it’s sketchy. I give Jamie… Continue Reading →

2024 January
I was ghosting you… by Brynn

“I was ghosting you last night because I was with someone else.” I stare at the text on my phone with angry tears and gently set it down on the counter so I don’t throw it across the room. How… Continue Reading →

2023 October
“Your problem is not my problem” by Brynn

“Your problem is not my problem,” Charlie grumbles as he slams the door in the older man’s face. He was in the middle of a crucial game, and this senile man knocked at his door, saying he needed an old… Continue Reading →

2023 September
“You’re going to need these.”
by Brynn

“You’re going to need these. You know you will.” a strange man hands a small, rust-infected hammer and nails to Jessie. Jessie glares at the man covered in dark clothing, who has just interrupted a blissful walk home after a… Continue Reading →

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