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Author Carson Yuan

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2022 April
”Gout and Dickens”, by Carson

Gout is something you get if you’re a character in a Dickens novel, yes. My name is John Beep, and I am a character in a Dickens novel. Most of the other characters in a Dickens novel has got gout,… Continue Reading →

2022 March
Maybe I’ll just destroy them, by Carson

“Maybe I just destroy them and never do it again.” “Jackson? You are quitting cheesecake? Strawberry jam Cheesecake? Coffee Cheesecake? Your favorite Peach swirl cheesecake? And even the Plain New York style cheesecake?” “Cheesecake! The only contraband that is outlawed… Continue Reading →

2021 November
Not another dog!, by Carson

“So cute… but don’t come home with another dog! said Lexion. “And send that dog back! Yes, right now!” She is looking at her robo dog, Max Prime, who just fetched her someone else’s dog. Again. This time, it’s a… Continue Reading →

2021 October
How long are you willing to chill?, by Carson

“How long are you willing to chill before you get it?” Sweet milky ice cream, you ate it yes?Ice berry milkshakes, you drank it yes?The song of a chilled man/woman, you heard it yes?The real desire of chill, is very… Continue Reading →

2021 September
You knew I was going to say something, by Carson

“You knew I was going to say something to you, right?” I miss thee, O ME president, but the matter at hand cannot wait. Yes, you are doubtlessly aware of the subject of this letter, which I, your most beloved… Continue Reading →

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