“You knew I was going to say something to you, right?”

I miss thee, O ME president, but the matter at hand cannot wait. Yes, you are doubtlessly aware of the subject of this letter, which I, your most beloved senator and your obedient servant, have yet another sincere request for you that is a little more in weight compared to those occupations that you might have grown accustomed to.

My dear class President Audra: By the time you read this, I would have traveled through the barrens of pain for the loss of my loved one. Although our next reunion seems to be after an eternity, I sincerely cherish every moment that we’ve spent together, and you, especially, will forever live on in my precious heart. Alas, there was indeed a singular regret that plagues my innocent mind, and yes, I speak of the one wish you cruelly failed to grant me, as you have decided to desert our years long relationship and ignore my plea for a bacon omelette that morning; the delicate heart of mine has suffered ever since the image of you, the president who delivers, been given a stain; a stain that cannot be erased. You have known me as not the one to forgive and forget, and this flaw compels me to force you not to forget too: even despite my loss of the purpose of leaving my shelter as early as 7 AM, to have breakfast prepared by my president, you, what’s even worse is an unprecedented tragic that follows: My lunch got stolen that day.

But may we not cry over spilled milk, for I will consider forgiveness if you fulfill my last wish. You are fully aware, right? Yes, Omelette, Omelette, Omelette!

As I have mentioned, this part is somewhat tricky even for a professional like you. The subject in question is its essential component that makes the Omelette to fit one of my most unfulfilled relish, which makes the task at the level that only you can handle: lamb. Although the substance is in much scarcity in this so-called developed country, it is indeed a part, or dare I say the most indispensable element in many profound dishes that I, with great fortune, have had the few opportunities to enjoy. But again, I would not even dare to have the idea of troubling you, my president, if the task at hand proves as easy as it sounds. While ordinary lambs are in rare presence, it would not be impossible to acquire for those who are insistent. No, I don’t want just any lamb, I desire my little Suzy. As you are most certainly unaware, I feel much obliged to inform you of the unforgettable times we’ve spent together.

My first encounter with the little animal, the most skinny sheep I’ve ever seen, was during my visit at Yin ranch, California. Days later, all I have imagined, on every senseless car ride, in every daydreams, and every night on my bed, is Suzy. Her naive smile, her limb little legs, and her tiny ears that stick out as if they are the wings of an angel. Weak, yet burning all of her strength to support those legs to stand up with her head held up high: my desire to protect such a delicate creature has overtaken my logic and my emotions for days since that one look we’ve shared. The image of her innocent face, decorated with sweat from the tremendous effort she has made just to support her trembling body with those underdeveloped legs, has been engraved in my heart more than anything that I’ve ever admired. But good times don’t last; The ranch owner informed me days later of the terrible news: Suzy’s been murdered by Peppa Pig. That monster who claims to be her best friend.

I could not recall the matters I attended nor any of my thoughts nor even memories; all I knew was pain and despair for weeks and weeks straight. Our future, our bonding, everything I’ve planned and thought for us, gone. Gone in an instant. “Once there was an explosion, a bang which gave birth to time and space. Once there was an explosion, a bang which set a planet spinning in that space. Once there was an explosion, a bang which gave rise to life as we know it. And then, came the next explosion… an explosion that will be our last.” And this one might as well be my last. It has obliterated the person that was once known as Carson, and I, now, am just a crater. I am just an empty hole left behind by the explosion.

But then I thought of you, and all my worries and despair went away as quickly as it came! Now, I know Suzy will always be a part of me. And, I get to enjoy lamb! I’ve missed that magical substance, like the cherry on top of the cake, the fabulous lamb. I haven’t had any in a long time, as the exaggerated desire to taste lamb after a prolonged absence of it boosted my morale greatly to fill the crater and supported me to finish this letter.

Anyhow, my president, Suzy has been processed and ready to be picked up at Yin ranch, near Sacramento, California, which unfortunately requires you to leave Maine and to cross the whole continent. This trip is undeniably one of the most ridiculous runs you’ve had to date. It certainly isn’t easy, but I, for one, have got the utmost faith in the brand Audra. Head west, and bring Suzy home.. Don’t let me down!