You knew I was going to say something to you, right?
When we were walking down the street,
When I looked over and held out my hand even as the cold air bit through my gloves and tingled against my skin.
Didn’t you know that I was trying to tell you how I felt,
How I had felt for months?

Didn’t you know I adored you?
When I offered you my sweatshirt in that late evening of fall,
When the leaves were red and orange and falling down
As the temperature dropped and I shivered,
Not only with the cold but with excitement for what was to come?

I thought it was obvious when I made you hot chocolate
When I watched the pot ever so closely so I didn’t burn the milk
And carefully put a fluffy pink marshmallow on that pile of chocolate-dusted cream?
When I memorized your allergies so I could make your favorite snacks?
I wish I had known that you felt the same.

I wish I’d known that when we went to get lunch that it was a date,
I wish I wasn’t so nervous to say that I wanted it to be.
When you dragged me through the antique shop
and we explored every nook and cranny we could find
When I picked out a plain rocky geode for you, and it ended up being rich with swirling blue and black crystals, which you said was your favorite while you smiled like a thousand suns.

And soon it was time to bring you home,
The car was quiet, the only noise the hum of the engine and the quiet sound of the radio until your favorite song came on and we both started to sing,
And our voices echoed and melded like clockwork?
When we arrived and I got out to get your door?
But I have to wonder

Did you know when you got out?
When you kissed me on the forehead in your driveway and I turned pink and grinned like I was on cloud nine?
You knew I was going to say I was in love, right?