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Author Luna Ulrich

John Bapst High School
Bangor, Maine
Teacher: Jennifer Babcock

2024 January
I was ghosting you… by Luna

“I was ghosting you last night because I was with someone else.” “Wait…what?” “Mhm.” Nyx blushes nervously, “I’m sorry if I like, worried you.” “No no I’m just…surprised.” Abby admits. “You were…with someone?” “Mhm,” Nyx looks down at the floor,… Continue Reading →

2023 October
“Your problem is not my problem” by Luna

Your problem is not my problem.Stop making it out to be.If you’re about to be run over?It has nothing to do with me.If you’re in an emergency.That doesn’t fall on me.You need some extra money?You’re not getting it from me.This… Continue Reading →

2023 September
“You’re going to need these.”
by Luna

“You’re going to need these. You know you will.” Rose turned to see what Niki was talking about. “Need what?” “Just come here.” Rose walked closer to Niki in anticipation. “Now close your eyes.” Rose giggled, “What are you doing?”… Continue Reading →

2021 September
You knew I was going to say something, by Luna

“You knew I was going to say something to you, right?” “W-What?” Alex shuffled nervously, “Alex. You’ve been ghosting and avoiding us for a week now. We deserve an explanation.” Alex gulped. Before her was Phoenix one of her best… Continue Reading →

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