Your problem is not my problem.
Stop making it out to be.
If you’re about to be run over?
It has nothing to do with me.
If you’re in an emergency.
That doesn’t fall on me.
You need some extra money?
You’re not getting it from me.
This is the price you pay
for your negativity.

If you fall apart; if you lose everything you have
I won’t show you sympathy, I’ll just watch and laugh.
If you ever missed me or wanted to see me
I’m done being screwed with, I’m finished, the end.
You can wear your mask and manipulate forever.
I’ll never let you in my life again.

Let’s say that on this very day, I got a call on the phone
and I was informed that you had passed away.
News like this would turn anyone’s world upside down.
I would rejoice.

I’ve spent my life listening to you preach.
You’ve taught me every problem that I have.
I learned to hate myself and my existence,
because of what you did to me.

You tell me that I’m at fault for everything.
And that you’ve never done anything wrong.
Your problem is not my problem.
So leave me alone.