“Your problem is not my problem,” Janeous whispered to his partner, Tim, as they crouched in the shadows outside the heavily fortified compound. They were on a mission to steal a package worth more than gold; A treasure more coveted than the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail.

Tim shot Janeous an exasperated look but nodded in reluctant agreement. The two men had been friends for years and had pulled off several high profile heists together, but this job was riskier than anything they had ever attempted, and their prize would be worth a lifetime of hardships. The compound was rumored to be guarded by ex-military personnel and surrounded by top of the line security systems. The walls were taller than any larder and topped with razor wire. Guard posts watched every inch of the compound and housed armed personnel.

With night-vision goggles over their eyes and suppressed M4s in hand, they began their assault. They had watched the compound for several days, and their data suggested that the guards patrolled the perimeter on a strict schedule, giving them a small window of time to breach the walls and sweep the compound.
They lay in the tall grass, inching ever closer to the walls. Slithering ever so slowly closer, the sound of distant footsteps grew louder. The first security guard, equipped with his own M4 and dressed in bullet proof armor and NVGs,, appeared around the corner. Janous and Tim watched his every move, waiting for the guard to leave.

The guard strolled past them, completely oblivious of the two individuals staring at him from the darkness. They waited for him to turn the corner and disappear from sight before continuing their advance.

They were on edge as they moved deeper into the compound, avoiding security cameras and laser sensors. Any reasonable being would wisely turn back, flee from a certian death, but the prize they seek is worth more than their lives.

Finally, they reached their target, a massive storage warehouse containing stacks and stacks of locked crates. The room was illuminated by dim overhead lights, casting eerie shadows on the metal shelves.
Janous and Tim quickly loaded a single precious crate onto a wheeled cart and began their hasty retreat. The big man would never notice just one missing crate among hundreds. Just as they thought they might escape without incident, the sound of an alarm pierced the silence, followed by the blaring of sirens. They had been spotted, possibly a guard hiding in the warehouse or even a motion sensor they were unable to avoid.

“Time to go” Janous shouted, pushing the cart as fast as he could. They sprinted toward the compound’s perimeter, their guns at the ready in case they encountered a man foolish enough to stand in their way. No mere guard could stop them.

The guards were closing in on them, but even a thousand guards would not be able to stop the freight train that was Janous and Tim. Shots rang out as they exchanged gunfire with the zombie-like hoard that was security. The crowd stood little chance, like moths to a flame or rats to poison. The guards could do nothing, helplessly trapped between the dead and dying. Helmets could do little to prevent the bullets of the righteous, and no armor plate in the world can stop the almighty hand of God as he watches over the simple warrior.

They managed to exit the outer wall of the compound just as they had entered. They disappeared into the darkness, leaving behind a trail of blood and fear. A compound once tighter than Fort Knox, now a gravesite and mockery of security.

Hours later, in the safehouse, Janous and Tim finally caught their breath. The crate of gems was now in their possession, a risky job successfully executed against all odds. They had done the impossible to obtain what many could never even dream of. Together they cut into the side of the metal box, and marveled in the fruits of their labor. The electric blue shine of liquid gold. Cans of NOS High Performance Energy Drink spilled out of the side of the box.