“So cute… but don’t come home with another dog! said Lexion. “And send that dog back! Yes, right now!” She is looking at her robo dog, Max Prime, who just fetched her someone else’s dog. Again. This time, it’s a fully grown husky. Although his body is shaking from the horror he has been through, he still tries his best to make a cute smile to Lexion after going 70 miles per hour being held by Max Prime, a desperate attempt to escape the robo monstrosity. Max Prime made some sad robo dog noise: “rrrrrr?? ruu…”. A good boy like Max Prime won’t disobey the owner; he quickly turned around and disappeared like lightning. Max Prime is a beast: Full Titanium body, 4 legs produced with materials used to make transformers, rocket boosters on his back legs that ensure extra vertical, eight high resolution cameras that catch every angle, and four FIM-43 surface to air missiles in his storage. He holds a top speed of 90 miles per hour, so Lexion usually walks him while driving on a freeway. You could imagine the size of Max Prime when he was just holding a large husky in his mouth with ease. Although he never gets to use 95 percent of his available features when living with Lexion, he still beams with his facial display unit and rolls around with his enormous body when Lexion tells him how cool of a dog he is. Even the simplest things he does can impress his owner, he thought, what a great life he has.

A dog like Max Prime isn’t common, and it would cost a fortune. However, Lexion isn’t some crazy teenage scientist or a spoiled kid that inherited millions. All she did was lead the development of affordable nuclear weapons that most developing countries could afford and can be launched in a backyard. Thanks to her, total world peace has been achieved: every country in the world now has a nuclear arsenal that could wipe out the human race. Although Lexion declined the Nobel peace award, she did accept the gift from Soueny company’s secret illegal military tech department: the newest prototype robo dog. Soueny has heard that Lexion likes dogs, so they showed their generosity for the thousands of nukes they bought from Lexion. She named him Max Prime. “I’m not making money off of war, I’m making them from peace. A little reward doesn’t hurt.” Lexion claimed publicly.

Whenever Max Prime goes to the dog park with Lexion, the other dogs are always eager to play with him before he starts fetching them to Lexion. Reliable, efficient, loved by his owner, Max Prime is the role model of every dog. Max Prime becomes the center of attention every time as soon as he steps into the dog park. Dogs all over the park surround Max Prime like humans when they meet a movie star. Max Prime has to go through the exact same scenario every time: dogs from every direction will start to lick every part of his metallic dark titanium torso, the girl dogs would start leaning on him, while some of the brave boys barks loudly to challenge him. Max Prime does not get bored of this, and he probably never will since he enjoys attention so much. After receiving a fanatic greeting from the crowd, Max Prime would fire up his scanner to search for dogs that Lexion might like. The super computer he carries would have no problem calculating the best result that would fit the description. Then, he would pick up the winner and run to Lexion, while all the other dogs swarm out of the park trying to follow him.

They never come close to catching him as Max Prime’s speed is unmatched. He’s brought about 10 dogs to Lexion and she has turned them all down. She sure is picky, Max Prime thought. Maybe she’s a cat person? He could never find out because cats never come near him. Cats are boring anyways,; he tried to chase the cats who ran away from him, only to realize that they run so slow and can’t even jump over a 5 story building. Max Prime is equipped with 6 different nonlethal capture tools, but Lexion has told him to use them under no circumstances ever since that time when she spent 2 hours tying a sticky web from a raccoon. “Max! You cannot keep your… any of your features that can harm other animals! You don’t want to hurt them do you? Because that will hurt me more. ” And so Max dumped all of his offensive measures except for the missiles to scare away the birds. Although that immediately took 3 million dollars off his worth, he doesn’t care about the money as long as Lexion stays happy. Lexion loves him too, and she sometimes worries that she hasn’t been showing that love to Max Prime. From her point of view, Max Prime wants a friend other than herself, and that’s why he has been fetching all of those dogs to her. He wants a little friend, perhaps a normal dog that poops and gets hungry and tired. “This weekend,” she thought, “I will go to the adoption center with Max Prime, and we will take a look around.”

However, that is not what Max Prime is thinking. He isn’t lonely, he’s got all the love in the world by having Lexion giving him kisses every morning and walking him on the freeway. The grand robo dog just wants to prove that he’s cooler than other dogs, and that doesn’t happen without comparison. When Lexion has another dog that is slightly less cool, that is when Max Prime would truly shine, and maybe he even gets to show off more of his advanced features when he has a lesser friend. Despite his sincere hope to seek competition, he will never find any. Not until the next gen robo dogs come out.