“You knew I was going to say something to you, right?”
She was back to the place again, standing at the top of a crevasse, looking down into the deep blue below.
“Are you listening?”
The emptiness of the silence around threatened to pull her into its welcoming embrace.
She knew many people had gone down before her and would never come back up.
“How long have you been feeling this way?”
She felt the outside world begin to fade from her senses.
She had seen the pain in the families faces as they tried to cope with the loss of their child.
The tears as they describe the black cloud that covered their beloveds mind, before it took them away.
But, if this was something cold, then why was it so warm?
Why did it call to her in a way that felt irresistible?
She moved her foot one step closer to the ledge, not yet teetering but still close enough that a strong breeze could knock her frail body into the depths of its sorrow.
Her hysteric cries could be heard for miles, and yet by no one.
Did anyone know she was here?
“I’m here for you, always.”
Her body began to shake as the winter winds blew easily through her thin shirt.
Intricate ice creeped into her body, lacing around her organs and stealing the air from her lungs.
Her tears dried against her cheeks, forever frozen in place.
Would she be here forever too?
She looked up into the sky and with a shrill shriek cried out for help.
Would someone hear now?
As her body started to shift further, towards the lip of the great Earth divide, she heard a noise coming from above.
“You’re not alone.”
The sounds of heavenly blades slicing through the air started to descend closer to her, and grabbed the rope they threw her way.
Ice was still frozen around her organs, but warmth began to creep into her bones.
“You’re safe now.”